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The Netherby Shipwreck 150th Anniversary Commemorations - King Island, Tasmania is supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania.
Welcome to our Netherby 2016 Commemoration Website.

Netherby wrecked on King(s) Island on July 14, 1866.

With this site, we aimed to join some of the fragments of information that exists of Netherby herself, as well as the passengers and crew, all of which survived the wrecking in 1866 on King Island.
Developing this site has been a bigger task that originally envisaged, so we offer our apologies for the time taken and the incomplete nature of the site.

If you are a descendant or relative of a Netherby survivor and you have not yet done so, please make contact with Ann via the 'Contact Us' page.
We are on Facebook and the connection is shown to the right. Please say hello and if you want to, share some information.

We encourage those interested in Netherby and/or those who sailed on her to visit www.netherby.homestead.com. This site is run by Karina, a relative of Netherby survivor George Leak (also Leake) Massingham, who was only 16 when he found himself on King(s) Island.

Information regarding any of the passengers and/or crew of the Netherby would be happily accepted too. And we respect any requirement for anonymity you may have.

We have some information about Netherby, but as no blueprints, nor actual images seem exist of her, we welcome any information specific to her.

We issue, on ocassion, a newsletter which informs readers of new developments regarding King Island's work on a proposed 150th commemoration in July, 2016.
The newsletter also provides some information regarding service providers on King Island, such as airlines, accommodation and car hire.
Past copies can be veiwed on Karina's www.netherby.homestead.com site as well as through our own Newsletters page.

We are not financially supported by any persons or companies. Any links shown on this site are there to help you make contact with the relevant services.
We recommend that you make direct contact with the King Island service providers if you are making plans to be on King Island for the commemoration in July.
Please be aware that it will be mid-Winter and weather conditions are not expected to be favourable.
Although King Island would normally be relatively closed for business during this time of year, in 2016, the population is very keen to offer what they can and make it a memorable visit.
King Island Council
King Island Tourism
King Island Council
King Island Tourism
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